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Pretty Girls Don't Just Talk to Me is coming out January 20! Produced by Sam Wagster, featuring Adam Vida on Drums, Ben Boye on piano and a cast of guest singers:

Nora O'Connor, Rachel Ries (singing now), Angela James, Gillian Lisée, and Dan Mohr.

Hand... uploaded? thumbdrives were shipped out to Kickstarter funders last week. The digital release will come out 1/20/15

I made a music video out of our photo stills for the cover, shot by director Nancy Bardawil. Gillian Lisée singing Don't Open the Door for Anybody...



...the last few times I've seen him, I've been riveted by his songs... an ability to understate everything—lyrics, melody and instrumentation—while creating a layered song. As a person, Harms is also very understated. He doesn't understand or acknowledge how much people revere his songs. Some of the baddest musicians in Chicago, including Leroy Bach, formerly of Wilco, are all too happy to play with him in any situation.

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